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Bahria Town, Jinnah Avenue, Karachi

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If you are someone looking for some great property to invest in Bahria Town Karachi. Then your wait is over. Salaam estate & DreamsNex known to be one of the greatest construction companies in Karachi Brings you the Dx Luxury Apartments Project. This project aims to make Bahria Town Karachi the best of all living spaces with modern architecture and amenities that are nowhere else to be found. This project plays an important part in a futuristic approach that also helps in the development of the country's status in terms of real estate.

Dx luxury apartments are unquestionably the greatest if you're seeking a lavish location to reside. One of the best projects to date is this one. It has everything a person would need to survive in a futuristic society. Furthermore, if you want to live your life in luxury and serenity, this is a fantastic location to think about. The DX Luxury apartments offer a clever floor plan that allows all of our clients to live comfortably.


Dx Luxury apartments are located at a very desirable location in Bahria Town. The Dx luxury apartments can be found on plot number 30 in the midway 2 Grand Jamia Masjid Facing. The location is only a 5-7 minute distance from the main gate of Bahria town.

Nearby Environment:

The Dx Luxury Apartments in Bahria Town, Karachi are located in a location the developers guarantee you'll enjoy. The setting was carefully chosen in this location for your best interests. All the necessary locations must be close by if you want to live in luxury and tranquility. As a result, in addition to the Grand Mosque, you will also be able to see the Ali Villas, Jinnah Apartments, the retail center, and Iqra University.

The location provides the tenants with a great environment and all the necessities nearby the residential building. Besides the Jamia Masjid, other necessities including school, malls, restaurants, parks, and shopping centers can be found within the town. Also, at a very close distance from Karachi International Airport.

Categories Of Apartment:

The apartments are categorized based on the number of bedrooms and size. The 2 bedroom offers 3 distinct sizes for you to select from. 1000 square feet is the first option, 1030 sq ft is the second, and 1085 square feet is the third. Furthermore, when it comes to three bedrooms, investors have 2 majestic options to choose from. The first one is 1565 sq ft in size, while the second one is 1765 Sq Ft.

The 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom types are facing the road and a grand mosque. Hence, offering residents a proper view of the grand mosque as well as all the beautiful scenery and homes seen on the road. Therefore, providing the people with an improved living society where everyone wants to live a comfortable and luxurious life.


Given the amenities and exceptional features, the pricing is still very reasonable starting from 9,894,000 and going up to 18,468,200 Pkr. The detailed pricing is as follows;

Two Bedroom Apartment:

There are further three types of 2- Bedroom Apartments and the rate per square range from 9700 to 10700.

  • For the first type with 1000 square ft, you get a unit price of 9,894,000 with a down payment of 2,73,500 Pkr.
  • The second type falls in the 1030 sq ft, at a unit price of 11,021,000 Pkr and a down payment of rupees 2,755,250.
  • The third and final size of the two-bedroom category is 1085 square feet, the total price for this unit is 11,609,500 with a down payment of 2,902,375.

Three Bedroom Apartment:

The three-bedroom apartments are available in two sizes with the unit size starting from 1,565 square feet. The pricing for these units is as described below.

  • The first size for a three-bedroom apartment is 1565 sq ft, at a total price of 15,180,500 Pkr with a Down Payment of 3,795,125.
  • The second size for the three-bedroom apartment category is 1765 sq ft, with a total price for one unit of 18,885,500 Pkr with a down payment of 4,721,375 Pkr.

Payment Plan:

There are many different ways to pay. The first choice is by paying the whole sum in a single payment.  If you want to book the apartments, the investor will require to put down 25% of the whole amount, or 4.4 million, to reserve a dx luxury apartment. The option of a three-month investing plan is also available.


Dx Luxury Apartments is a project of Salaam Estate and DreamsNex Construction, a reputable business in Bahria Town and Karachi. DreamsNex is the leading construction firm in Bahria Town, Karachi. Surprisingly, the gateway to all your building solutions is DreamsNex builders, a major construction organization in Karachi. When proposing the right plan of action, the organization has always put the interests of its customers and their ability to pay first.

Amenities And Features:

The DX luxury Apartment Project in Karachi is focused on the big population who wish to live in luxury without having to deal with the problems that are present outside of Bahria Town. The important features include 100% power backups to assure 24/7 electricity, modern settings, greenery, and a sophisticated architectural structure to provide you with a whole dynamic feel.

The amazing features of Dx Luxury Apartments Include:

  • Increase the attractiveness of your home with double-glazed windows that won't scratch or break easily.
  • Elevators - There are high-speed elevators available for tenants to use for convenient transportation in a building with 18 stories.
  • Parking Spaces - Huge parking spaces are provided with security for the inhabitants and tourists to park their automobiles without any worries.
  • Air Conditioning System - The year-round maintenance of a comfortable environment with air - conditioning and heating systems keeps you protected from adverse weather.
  • Trash Disposal - bearing in view sanitary condition garbage disposal facility is provided within the premises.
  • Electrical Backup - 100% power backup delivers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so residents never experience power outages.
  • Maintenance services - To handle any inconveniences, maintenance is accessible around-the-clock.
  • Security and CCTV - To guarantee the security of every person who lives and visitor, security personnel and CCTV are on duty around-the-clock in the facility and on the ground.

If you are in search of a luxury lifestyle in Pakistan with great views and modern architecture then Dx luxury apartments are the best place for you!


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