Bahria town Karachi Or DHA Karachi Apple to Apple Comparison

Whenever someone plans to make the investment in Karachi, the two biggest brands DHA & Bahria Town Karachi is the first preference of the buyers as well as investors. Located at the Central location of Karachi, these two attractive housing societies are spanned over a large area of land. Offering world-class facilities and top attractions DHA & Bahria Town Karachi, both attracts not only the local investors but Overseas Pakistanis also prefers investment in these mega housing communities. But still, the confusion is that which is the best option between these two? Are you also planning to invest in Karachi, and also finding the best answer? Let’s get the answer by comparing the details of both societies to make a right and profitable investment.

 Bahria Town Karachi Or DHA City – Location Analysis

DHA City & Bahria Town both are located at attractive locations. These are situated alongside Karachi-Hyderabad Super Highway. You can easily access these both mega housing societies from Jinnah International Airport with a drive of just a few minutes. DHA City has a dedicated M9 Interchange and Bahria Town Karachi has also announced the same one.

Bahria Town Karachi Or DHA City– Comparison Between Developments

Bahria Town Karachi is a brand of Asia that has won the hearts of its clients with its rapid development, and on-time completion of projects. And if we check the current development status of Bahria Town Karachi, then anyone can easily opt. residence in the luxurious project. However, DHA City still needs plenty of time to change its current development status with rapid development work. DHA City will take to become a ready-to-live zone.

Bahria Town Karachi Or DHA City – Prices & Easy Modes of Payment

DHA City & Bahria Town Karachi, both are offering the best residential, attractive commercial and luxurious ready to live properties. Both mega housing societies are offering easy payment plans for their properties. Bahria Town Karachi is offering the easy payment plans for 3 to 4 years whereas DHA City Karachi is offering the flexible payment plans of 8 to 10 years. The prices of properties in these projects are reasonable but the only difference is the current development status and population ratio. You can confidently move to Bahria Town Karachi to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable residence but DHA City will take a few more years to provide a perfect place to live confidently.

Bahria Town Karachi Or DHA City – Residential Plots Categories

Bahria Town Karachi is offering multiple options in residential plots as compared to DHA City. Here you will find thousands of 125 sq. yards and 250 Sq. yards residential plot, the possession of these plots is also available. On the other hand, DHA City is offering limited numbers of 125 sq. yards residential plots. The plots of 200 sq. yards and 300 sq. yards are also available but these options mostly reduce the investment chances of mid-level investors.

If you are looking for large-sized of residential plots, you will find numbers of precincts in Bahria Town Karachi that are offering 1000 sq. yards and 2000 sq. yards plots. Where DHA City also has several blocks that are offering the same category of plots but the development work in these sectors is not yet started.

Bahria Town Karachi Or DHA City – Short Term Or Long Term Investment

It is a well-known fact that most of the investors want to earn from maximum profit in short to mid-term investments. But some investors also prefer long term investment. So If you are looking to make short to mid-term investment, Bahria Town Karachi is the best option. But by keeping the current development status, latest prices and inhabitation ratio, it is clear that DHA City is best for long-term investment.

Bahria Town Karachi Or DHA City – Peaceful Lifestyle & Modern Facilities

In Karachi, DHA City was the only option that offers top facilities and luxury lifestyle in the city. But Bahria Town Karachi has completely changed the scenario with its outstanding entry in the real estate market of Karachi. This top project by Mr. Malik Riaz has introduced new standards of modern living, attractive world-class features, and amenities that have slow down the property market of DHA City Karachi. No doubt, DHA is offering all the basic and top facilities in Karachi but Bahria Town Karachi is now attracting buyers for the mind-blowing amenities and attractions that no one has.

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